Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.Old Chinese saying

Old Chinese saying

I’ve always kept this old proverb in mind as a guide for my teaching. The meaning of the proverb is quite simple: In the context of language learning and linguistics-based courses, it is better to teach students the methods of learning rather than to just give them a list of facts to remember or a bunch of words and texts to recite. However, the implementation of the wisdom of this proverb in the classroom is not simple; it requires a meticulous practice that needs careful design and constant evaluation. With this in mind, my pedagogical philosophy focuses on learning from books but also beyond the books.

Below is a list of courses that I have taught over years.

Huazhong Agricultural University

General Linguistics
Fall 2019
English in Current Media
Spring 2019
Listening and Speaking in English
Spring 2019
English Linguistics
Fall 2019, Fall 2018
Academic English
Fall 2018

Hainan University

Semantics (Graduate):
Spring 2018
English IV:
Spring 2018
Modern Chinese:
Fall 2017
College English I:
Fall 2017

Princeton University

Introduction to Language & Linguistics (201):
Fall 2016

Rutgers University

Semantics (325):
Spring 2017
Introduction to Linguistic Theory (201):
Summer 2016, Spring 2013, Fall 2012 (TA)
Advanced Modern Chinese (301):
Fall 2015
Intermediate Chinese (202):
Spring 2016
Intermediate Chinese (201):
Summer 2015

Fudan University

College English 3:
Fall 2008
Introduction to Linguistics:
Spring 2008 (TA), Fall 2007 (TA)

Fudan University, School of Continuing Education

Selected Readings from British and American Press:
Fall 2009, Fall 2008
Survey of Britain and America and Their Cultures:
Spring 2009, Spring 2008