Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.Old Chinese saying

I’ve always kept this old proverb in mind as a guide for my teaching. The meaning of the proverb is quite simple: In the context of language learning and linguistics-based courses, it is better to teach students the methods of learning rather than to just give them a list of facts to remember or a bunch of words and texts to recite. However, the implementation of the wisdom of this proverb in the classroom is not simple; it requires a meticulous practice that needs careful design and constant evaluation. With this in mind, my pedagogical philosophy focuses on learning from books but also beyond the books.

Below is a list of courses that I have taught over years.

Huazhong Agricultural University

English Linguistics
Fall 2018
Academic English
Fall 2018

Hainan University

Semantics (Graduate):
Spring 2018
English IV:
Spring 2018
Modern Chinese:
Fall 2017
College English I:
Fall 2017

Princeton University

Introduction to Language & Linguistics (201):
Fall 2016

Rutgers University

Semantics (325):
Spring 2017
Introduction to Linguistic Theory (201):
Summer 2016, Spring 2013, Fall 2012 (TA)
Advanced Modern Chinese (301):
Fall 2015
Intermediate Chinese (202):
Spring 2016
Intermediate Chinese (201):
Summer 2015

Fudan University

College English 3:
Fall 2008
Introduction to Linguistics:
Spring 2008 (TA), Fall 2007 (TA)

Fudan University, School of Continuing Education

Selected Readings from British and American Press:
Fall 2009, Fall 2008
Survey of Britain and America and Their Cultures:
Spring 2009, Spring 2008