I am a PhD and an Associate Professor in Linguistics. I graduated from the Department of Linguistics at Rutgers University-New Brunswick in 2017. The title of my dissertation is Question Bias and Biased Question Words in Mandarin, German and Bangla. Veneeta Dayal is the chair of my dissertation committee. Other members include Mark Baker, Simon Charlow, and Manfred Krifka (external).

I am a semanticist and a pragmatician. The main areas of my work encompass the study of biased questions, epistemic modality, evidentiality, speech-act theory, and semantic-pragmatic interface. Much of the evidence in my research is drawn from Mandarin Chinese, German, and Bangla. Apart from these, I also have a strong interest in various other aspects of linguistics. For example, discourse particles, anaphora, tense and aspect, negation, and syntactic-semantic interface.